With Broadband Internet available for the general public, the media and entertainment industry has shifted a great deal from broadcast to online. Television channels also have online websites, where online users can log on and see their favorite shows, new reports, music and dance shows, etc.

The viewing public is now demanding latest information online, so that they will have the freedom to watch shows and videos anytime, anywhere via their smart devices. Media and entertainment organizations need to be aware of, and utilize the latest software and IT solutions to accomplish this goal.

Zia InfoTech support film and television networks and their websites by providing the IT tools necessary to generate more viewership online.

We have the capability to provide solutions in terms of new business models, cost-effective infrastructure, and innovative online engines. We focus on digital transformation to deliver value based content to viewers, while improving the business’ success and popularity. Our immense domain knowledge of digital expertise puts us in a strong position to meet complex requirements of various media entities. These include film studios, TV networks, radio channels, and music companies.

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